Sheryl Brown Art

"Water Dance" is here, a new favorite the last few weeks!

Here she be, and ain't she a beauty? (Sheesh, gotta get off the computer and call it done!)

Lots of time on Facebook pages for Sheryl Brown Art and Sunray Counseling today, besides enjoying my lovely granddaughter.

Yes, "Water Dance" is proving to be a real favorite - I made up a cool survey with thumb size images, so all 20 "availables" were on one page. Folks that came to our art show parties were able to select their favorites by checking the boxes.

My repro guy, Scott, is finalizing the finishing touches on the beta site to add artists' galleries to his website, so you all can order directly from there, complete with shopping cart. Of course you can always order from me directly as well. But just a little heads up, the introductory one-third off prices won't last too much longer...!

If you are very interested, contact me at 425 369-1314 or and I will put in your order, honoring the special prices.

More new paintings coming up in the next few days....
Jun 11, 2017

Oh cool, comments!

Thanks, Col, for checking this out – I love the feedback! It was great being on the phone the other day!

Sarah, good to hear from you! (And be Fb friends!) Missed you around the office, that’s for sure. Glad we can keep in touch this way!

Jun 11, 2017

Hey Sheryl! It’s Sarah (previously one of the receptionists at Meadow Creek). I love love love this new piece! It is beautiful. Hope you are doing well.

Jun 11, 2017

I love this Sheryl! You know the swirly strokes in your artwork are my favorites!



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