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"Painted Canyon" and "Avalanche" - two more new ones!

Happy Thanksgiving to Americans home and abroad - and to expatriates hanging out with the American crowd on this day!!

I have much to be thankful for, and express it with my words and my paint.

Here are two of the new paintings as promised, "Painted Canyon" and "Avalanche."

The story of "Painted Canyon" is not overly profound, but people who have looked at it say they see all kinds of things in it. What do you see?

I had slathered a lot of paint on a different canvas (the one that ended up being "Peaks and Valleys"), and had taken some of the overflow paint and quickly slapped it on another canvas, working with quick strokes. I noticed I was getting some earth tones - not my usual palette - which really intrigued me. This became "Painted Canyon."

The overall effect of "Painted Canyon" reminds me of an overcast day at the Grand Canyon. Though the colors are very earthy in Arizona, haze in the atmosphere can make the canyon look almost pastel colored. So I coined a term for it - "Earthen Pastels."

"Avalanche" has its own story!

These two are as usual, acrylic on canvas - these ones being 11" by 14" - available either on fine art paper or on canvas. They are available in the original size or as 8" by 10."

Call 425 369-1314 to place an order, or email me at .

One third off prices apply through December 1st.
Jun 11, 2017

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