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"Dancing Mountains" follows "Peaks and Valleys" - one more show this year tomorrow!

What a lot of fun it is to see what comes out of my paint brush next! I've been promising to show you the newest and latest, and now I have the files available to share.

From all over the world, my Facebook friends have been expressing a deep emotional response to "Peaks and Valleys."

Some of it has been written personally to me, some of it you will find written on my Fb wall. From this I gather that there is hope and healing coming as a result of this painting - what a momentous way to see the blend of my gifts and occupations as both Marriage and Family Therapist and artist. I am both humbled and excited to imagine the possibilities.

"Dancing Mountains" was painted a few weeks after "Peaks and Valleys" in an attempt to portray a lighter emotion but with the same pattern of paint squeezed directly onto the canvas. That, I believe, was accomplished! These mountains want to bounce right off the painting!

I jokingly thought I might call it "Peaks and Valleys 2" but that would be "boring!" Then I thought it looked so enthusiastic I might call it, "Blazing Holiday!" (But I think I'll reserve that name for a future painting that fits it better!)

By the time I got to "my repro guy," Scott, we decided on its current name, "Dancing Mountains." Now I admit, the theme of dance does appear repeatedly in my art titles and I promise you, it will no doubt will continue!!

So, these two are a matched pair in my mind, and in fact, there is a third called "Water Dance" that makes a nice trio. You'll see that shortly.

In any case, let me report on our local art shows last Friday and Saturday - they were a big success, and we had a blast!

We met old friends and made new ones, both from friends bringing friends, and from neighboring offices. Hey even the pizza delivery guy was included, though he was on the clock and could not linger. I counted over 70 original works I had brought to be displayed. (And my walls at home were scarcely looking much emptier!)

And yes! we had another drawing - and another winner! More on that later.

If you are psyched to come see my art in person, we have one more pre-holiday show/party this year, which will be tomorrow - Saturday, November 22nd from 3 to 5pm in Redmond, in the Seattle area.

Call me at 425 369-1314 or email me at for the location if you are interested.

So, it looks like I'm pretty chatty today!

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