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Surprise Sheryl Brown Art Silk Scarf Sale - Limited to the first two Purchasers

Surprise Sale just out..! Buy either two "Summer Daze" or two "Midnight Ocean" and get $25 off the total of your order. (Or get all four..!) [caption id="attachment_1279" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Shimmery Light Blue 'Summer Daze' next to Deep Blue and Purple 'Midnight Ocean' "]"Summer Daze" with "Midnight Ocean" [/caption] I have one pair left of each, and right now I am looking forward to clearing this inventory and getting my new designs out in time for Christmas. (Think raspberry red and earth tones..) So if you've been hankering after a blue silk scarf, this is your chance to keep one for yourself and have one to give away. Your new silk scarf is designed from one of my paintings, and has my signature printed right into the design. Each scarf is hand-stitched with love. Note that each one is unique due to variations that go with being hand-crafted. This adds to its value. _ This sale is now over, but you may purchase one of these at the listed prices here Silk Scarves
Jun 11, 2017

Even though this special is over, never fear, we always have something special going on for you ;)


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