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Signature Anomaly "Patchwork Sky" Sale

[caption id="attachment_1290" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Can you see the reversed signature?"]Sheryl Brown Art Silk Scarves in a row[/caption] Look and see if you can find the reversed signature in this luxurious pile up of Sheryl Brown Wearable Art Silk Scarves.. I'll give you a clue.. It's "Patchwork Sky" that has the anomaly. I only have a few, and don't expect we'll see these printed up like this again.. Click below and get yours..! These are 8x60" on shimmery, floaty Habotai silk. Over one third off the regular price of $75 each. Limited quantity. _ This special is over, but check our Silk Scarves page often to see what's up.. Also check the blog for surprise specials ;)
Jun 11, 2017

Since this is on a sheer piece of silk, it is less obvious than it might be.. I think these ones will very likely become a collector’s item in the future (if not already). There are only 3 of them out there, and I have 2 of them ;)


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