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"Smokey Mountain" compared to "Peaceful Mountain"

"Smokey Mountain" has an interesting story to it, and so here it is.

A few months ago I took my paints along on a trip to my mother's. (I usually only paint at home.) My thought was to paint with my ten year old niece, which we did, and very much enjoyed. (Actually, she painted her own complete painting!)

My mom made a comment that she had never seen me in the process of creating a painting. It turned out I had brought an extra canvas, so we were in business!

While I was showing her the colors I'd brought, she commented how she really liked gray (a very good thing when you live in the Pacific Northwest!). I also recalled that one of my brothers had liked some aspects of "Peaceful Mountain," but found the colors on the feminine side for his liking. So gray was the order of the day!

Without having "Peaceful Mountain" in front of me, and not particularly intending to copy it, I am amazed at how closely the lines of the mountains match. No doubt an indelible impression of the mountains I see every time I drive to my office has made its mark on me, and this is coming up in my art!

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(Soon you will be able to order directly from my repro guy, Scott.)

PS Do you prefer to spell it "gray"or "grey" ???

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