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"Peaceful Pastels" prevail....

Here is a good one to sit and savor... "Peaceful Pastels."

When I paint something this simple, I tend to have the thought, Oh anyone could do this - it's too easy.

Then I try to create something similar and I get an entirely different painting! I do think this speaks to the emotional content of a piece of art work - each one is a unique and unrepeatable experience.

That makes it ever the more awesome to see the effect of giclee reproduction - it comes so close to "repeating" - in a manner - the original work, it's uncanny.

Now for any of you budding artists who also want to forge ahead into the world of reproduction, Scott Moore of Bellevue Fine Art Reproduction is your man. Time and again, I get high quality, consistent work from him. He is truly about "Fine Art." Visit his website for details. .

And check in to see the imminent unveiling of his artist galleries, of whom I am one! You will be able to order reproductions of my work, and others, directly from him. I'm close enough to his studio workshop I can drop by to sign them before shipping. Be sure to state that you want a signed copy when you make your order. Or you can email me to make your order .
Jun 11, 2017

Thanks, Col! I have a friend who says this one reminds her of the beach!

Jun 11, 2017

Beautiful, Sheryl. And the name suits it … peaceful … I feel it!



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