Evening Adventure

Evening Adventure


"Evening Adventure" is painted on an 8x10" Canvas with Acrylic paint, in Portrait orientation. 

The colors used in this painting include shades of forest green, jade green, emerald green, turquoise green, white, beige, chocolate brown, coral and rust with hints of blue and gold.

This work is available as Fine Art Giclee Reproductions on Paper or Canvas.

Originally painted as a demo in a class, it got its name from the adventure of this event, combining a class with an art show.

The overall colors are shades of green, but with contrasting bold coral and white strokes. 

The overall feeling to me is calm, but ironically it's like looking at streaks of lava on an otherwise dark green mountainside.

Calm and energetic, a repeating theme, for sure.

You could imagine the bold paths of white and beige as clouds in the sky, or they might be snow on mountains in the distance. 

The coral paths might be hidden copper treasure emerging, or they might be rivers of lava making their way down the mountainside.

The hints of blue might be streams coursing through the hills.

It's all up to you. Tell me what you see.