Embrace the Sun

Embrace the Sun


"Embrace the Sun" is painted on an 8x10" Canvas with Acrylic paint, in Landscape orientation. 

The colors used in this painting include shades of yellow, marigold orange, coral, raspberry, fuchsia, magenta, deep blue, turquoise green, sage green and lavender with highlights of white. 

This work is available as Fine Art Giclee Reproductions on Paper or Canvas.

Overwhelmingly magenta and yellow, this painting started out being painted in portrait orientation, then progressed to being completed in landscape orientation. As you look more closely, you will see streaks of many other colors as well.

Though very abstract, there is no doubt about the sun ball, and the raspberry magenta swirling around seems to give this sun a big hug. The energy here says vibrant, all the way.

What do you see in this playful and whimsical work? I love hearing the stories others have to tell about my work.