Day into Night

Day into Night


"Day into Night" is painted on (19.5x30" Canvas with Oil paint, in Landscape orientation. 

The colors used in this painting include shades of lemon yellow, golden brown, hints of orange and red, with a broad expanse of grass green, deep green, robin's egg blue, light blue, mid blue, deep blue, charcoal grey, deep purple with yellow, green and blue predominating overall.

This work is available as Fine Art Giclee Reproductions on Paper or Canvas.

A sunrise yellow sky on the left proclaims the day as the sky deep from turquoise to a night time deep blue on the right.
Grass green hills with a solid brown hill move to the right to a deep night time green and muted deep greyish purple. 

A happy tree has the golden rays of the sun shining through its leafy green branches. The gently twisting trunk reflects the light of the sun. 

There is a hint of a sprinkling of white and red flowers nestling under the base of the tree. 

A small stream resides on the night time half of the picturesque scene, quietly pooling into what might be a small pond.

I was inspired to paint this tree and its environment from a tree on campus that I passed daily going to and from classes. One day I went back to see how close the branches on my tree resembled the tree I had in my memory. I was sad to see it had been cut down, but makes me happy to know I preserved this tree in a painting.

Painting from day into night feels like a brilliant stroke on my part, though nature does this effortlessly on a daily basis.

An artistic family member member observed that I had a well developed background and foreground, but essentially very little in the way of a mid ground. I had not been thinking in those terms (and indeed had not been taught about it), but continued to give this thought. 

I realized that the effect of this relative lack of mid ground resulted in a particular style that feels more like a fantasy than a realistic rendition, sort of like a kid's storybook.

And that gives this painting a very whimsical, fun feeling.

This painting was created in an art class, one of my few oil paintings, after not doing much of any artwork since high school. I am quite proud of it and feel it represents new beginnings in more ways than one.