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What I did Sunday afternoon...

Here's what I did Sunday afternoon.. I painted all afternoon in peace and quiet!

While thinking about what would make a good name for this new painting, I realized I had used darkish colors, but now here was a sun-like orb. I wanted to leave it marigolden, but still be the moon.

As I pondered on what would make the moon look like a ball of fire, the phrase, "the Moon on Fire" came to me. I eventually finetuned the name to "Moonbeams on Fire."

This particular photo is taken with my cell phone camera after dark. The flash has exaggerated the shine of the paint and the brightness of the moonbeams, so this rendition is not exactly accurate, but it certainly is interesting! Later on I'll take one during daylight hours (which are more scarce these days...!) and post it here.

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