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The evolution of "Chaos - in color!" part four

If you liked part three better than this one, part four, then you can see the potential dilemma of any artist in knowing when a painting is done - and the sometimes feeling of, "Oh no! I might have overworked it."

I experienced this several times in the process of working on this one, and yet, a few days after I had the panic, I felt more reconciled to the new version. Some earlier versions I quite like, and if I could go back, I might keep one particular effect, and not keep some other effect.

In the end, it's like the forks in the road of life - you have to choose one, and even if you go back and try the other, it's never like going back in time and taking it from there. You're always in the now!

Wow, getting philosophical here - easy for me to do.... Too much fun!

Jun 11, 2017

Hi Sheryl,

I am sooooo familiar with the “am I done?” challenge! My mom used to create artwork for me as a child and it would begin as a tiger and end up as something entirely different. I recall thinking I needed to NOT do THAT! :) So I sometimes overanalyze and maybe even stop too soon. I love seeing the evolution here. I would sooooo love (and of course, no pressure at all! ;) seeing how you work … how you went from one stage to the next … like on video or something. Very interesting, I just love seeing the stages !

Jun 11, 2017

Ooh, cool discussion here I had missed! A video of me in the process of painting, that could be very interesting – might have to get a few minutes every hour or something?

Can you imagine watching 5 bleary hours of little bits at a time?

This one took hours and days, and even weeks and months, not my usual style. For one thing, it was a 16" by 20" size, and it was first started by just smooshing on some paint leftover from a different completed painting! So there were weeks at a time I didn’t touch it, especially in the beginning.

Usually, I just paint an 8" by 10" in one sitting, could be minutes or hours…!


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