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Thanks for the votes -- Now here's "Love in Motion"

The comments and feedback are coming in by phone, email and comments on the blog for voting on "Serenity" or "Calm" -- and it looks like "Calm" is still in the lead!

Here's a new one for your viewing pleasure called, "Love in Motion," Copyright 2008 by Sheryl Brown, All Rights Reserved.

This would be a nice one for Valentine's Day, but hey--I featured my actual Valentine, Larry, last month on my sunraysheryl blog.

Click right here on this link to see my Valentine. !

This painting was inspired as a result of getting some of my own personal healing.

Your comments or questions, welcome!
Jun 11, 2017

I want to vote for this one, “Love in Motion,” because this is one of my favorites. I hope now I am in the right place to do so. Love is a precious word, thought and action. The colors memorizes my mind to think of past and present love feelings.


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