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Sheryl Brown Art Got Podcasted!! from Cyprus to Seattle

I'm so pleased to be featured on my Facebook friend Debbie William's Artist's Corner on her podcast website. You can also find her on Twitter as @DebsGW.

We interviewed by phone from Cyprus to Seattle with a great connection (ie no static!) and had a lot of fun doing it! Even found a time that worked for both of us! You can hear it here!

PS If you're local, I'm having one of my Famous Impromptu Art Shows this Friday in Issaquah, just east of Seattle on I-90.

We're going from 3pm to 7pm - come join us, or share the word with any folks you think might want to know.

And you're welcome to recommend my Facebook art fan page to your friends - they'll get updates about events and new art by becoming a "fan. "

(..and what's an art blog post without a bit o' color..?
Here's "Cloud Dance" for ya....)
Jun 11, 2017

I love that, Sue.. A Hubble shot of the universe..!

Jun 11, 2017

This painting intrigues me — it is my favourite of the ones I've seen (looked at your 'wall' on FaceBook). There's something about the colours and the power that reminds me of a hubble shot of the universe.


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