Sheryl Brown Art

Rockin' and Rollin' Once Again!

Thank you so much for your patience as I went on the sleuthing trail to find out why my survey could not be accessed. Come to find out it was not only the survey (I'd thought it was a temporary Survey Monkey glitch), but none of the tabs worked, except the Home Page. This actually served to camouflage the problem! (I regularly test the links I send out by email or post, so seeing the Home Page come up fine didn't reveal the other hang-ups.) Then I thought it must be a hosting problem, so called BlueHost and Tom got me sorted out by refreshing the Permalinks (so it was more a WordPress problem!). Thank you, Tom! So go check out the survey and tell me what you think - be sure to name your top 3 favorites in the last survey question.. I regularly draw a name to receive a free Notecard.. These are archival quality Fine Art Giclee Reproductions.. frame-able art! You will be surprised at how fine they are. Ah.. all's well now again in Sheryl Brown Art world.. enjoy the show!

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