Sheryl Brown Art

"Story Book Days" "Lunar Jazz" "Tropical Moonset" "Brenda's Treasure"

Here's a set of 4 of my recent paintings, taken non-professionally with our digital camera, so they've yet to visit Scott's place.

Though they are small, I hope you can see them well enough to make some comments.

Top left - "Story Book Days" (with Georgia telling me which color next!)
Top right - "Lunar Jazz"
Bottom right - "Tropical Moonset"
Bottom left - "Brenda's Treasure"

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Jun 11, 2017

Sheryl, it’s so great to “meet” you! I love ‘Story Book Days’. Many of my best inspirations have been when I’ve created art with my daughters, and so it’s fabulous to see what emerged with Georgia guiding your colors :-). I love seeing witnessing the forms your Artistry takes—as an artist on canvas and supporting others to live the art of their lives …

Jane Valencia
(from SCCC)

Jun 11, 2017

Lisa, great to have you drop by and add your comments – you're always welcome!

Jun 11, 2017

wow- your work is amazing! I love your recent work, “Tropical Moonset”

Jun 11, 2017

Jane, lovely to have you stop by here and leave your encouraging words! Just recently, I took it a step further and wrote a couple of mini stories for Georgia about her new cousin and new siblings (Yes, twins!) to be born later this year. She giggled throughout! I’ll have to write a collection and bind them!


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