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Peaceful Mountain

Here's a new picture for all you art connoisseurs, called "Peaceful Mountain," Copyright 2008 by Sheryl Brown, All Rights Reserved.

Climbing a mountain can be a very rigorous undertaking, or just a nice low-key hike. In any case, you can rest awhile upon reaching the top!

I remember hiking up Mount Si (east of Seattle) a few times, and it can seem just so relentless -- up, up, and up -- and not the most viewpoints along the way compared to some hikes.

But when you get to the top, it's like being on top of the world.... And you can sit quietly and listen to the vague sounds of the freeway far below.

Now that's peaceful, being above it all.

I painted this painting after putting an upsetting issue to rest. Hope that inspires you too!
Jun 11, 2017

And now I have done an even larger one I’m calling Graceful Mountain, Col.. Not quite done yet, but close..

Jun 11, 2017

These are great comments to revisit – time goes by, and the older posts get buried by the newer ones!

Thanks to Vicky, Alorah, and Col for writing these words!

Jun 11, 2017

I adore the feeling in this image, Sheryl! The colors are so soothing.


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