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More Winners! - Jacqueline Rivera and Nathalie Ekobo

Our winner for Week Number Two for the drawing is Jacqueline Rivera! Jacqueline is one of my new FaceBook friends from New York.

And for Week Number Three of the August Extravaganza of Fun we have Nathalie Ekobo.

A big hand for both Jacqueline and Nathalie!! They are both lovers of "Chaos - in Color!"

I was privileged to meet Nathalie several months ago at a fabulous workshop set up by our coach, Kendall Summerhawk. Nathalie is originally from France, a country I had the unique opportunity to visit in my last year of high school, awaaaayyy back in 1973!

PS I whipped off a couple new paintings recently, as well as had fun painting with my 10 year old niece!

PPS Be sure to visit my FaceBook Art Group at and read all the amazing comments posted right next to each painting - it is so inspiring to me to see how each person expresses the effects they experience - from being energized to being calmed!

And I'm very curious to hear what you have to say....

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