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HeART Matters

I have to tell you about a new friend I made on FaceBook recently. Susan Schanerman was admiring some of my art work, and expressing some limitations she was experiencing with getting pictures onto her blog. Only a couple of suggestions from me, and she was off and running, really excited and pleased.

When I went to check her blog, I found she had bragged on me in it! Pretty cool, huh? Check it out right here: And I only just now saw that I am one of her favorite links! Warms my heart and makes me smile!

Well, there's more. Susan started a group on FaceBook called HeART Matters, and you can "see" all about it right here (Really, there is no .com at the end of that link.) And it turns out, the membership of this informal group is exploding in less than a week, and we have a HeART Gallery there! Yes, and yours truly has posted 4 paintings so far!

Stayed tuned, and I'll be letting you know of another place I have posted my art online. If you're a raving fan of mine, you're gonna love it!

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