Sheryl Brown Art

First reproduction available for sale, "Cloud Dance!"

Sheryl Brown Art is here! A little mini virtual art gallery! We'll see how it grows.

This is where you'll find the art I have created, and where you'll be able to keep current on which paintings have become available for sale as reproductions.

In my first blog , a more potpourri style of what I'm all about in general, you will find a number of my paintings already posted.

But, it has become apparent that a blog dedicated to the one topic of my art will make it easier for folks who specifically want to look at my paintings, especially to find out if the one they love is available yet.

So here it is!

The best way to order right now is to give me a phone call 425 652-1413 (you will get a greeting that says you have reached Sunray Counseling) or an email , and we can discuss what the right size and format would be for your budget.

Happy art hunting!

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