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Don't forget to enter our second drawing before Sunday!

Just a reminder, tomorrow I'll draw a name "from the hat" of all the people who've commented on any of the paintings in my "Virtual Art Gallery," either on my art blog here, or on my FaceBook profile.

The cool thing about commenting directly on FB is that it's fun to read all the comments related to one painting in a single batch. You can see who has the same opinion as you, or not!

People are so creative and poetic in how they describe my paintings - it really does my heart good!

I thought I'd go ahead and include in this post the painting chosen by our 1st week's winner - (Col) Colleen McGunnigle - which is called, "Power over the Land."

Col is an amazingly talented artist and graphic designer, and you can find out more about her and her work at this link. , as well as at her blog .

The 8" by 10" reproduction she won, "Power over the Land," should make its way into her mailbox very soon, and then I'll be able to heave a sigh of relief that it's in her hands!

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And then drop by my art group and see if you want to join - no obligations - just makes it easier for you to keep current on the art I'm continually adding to my Virtual Art Gallery - and these are also available for purchase!!

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Jun 11, 2017

Hi Sheryl Brown! You dropped me a comment today that made me smile, and I absolutely had to share with my husband! It is nice to meet another Sheryl Brown in the world. I still have to get use to the name though. I am stunned how much we actually have in common. I too was born in British Columbia, and I also love fine arts, studied it in Toronto, and use to paint acrylic on canvas landscapes, I also use to paint the occasional abstract. Sadly though, I haven’t painted for many years now because my cartooning career takes up a majority of my time. What I find most eerie is before I saw your comment I was daydreaming to myself during a long 4 hour car ride Saturday morning, how I would love to start painting again. Then I received your message Sunday night…this is a crazy world. You have certainly inspired me…this must be a sign! :O) Maybe, just for you I will actually post some of my old stuff. Thank you for making a stranger smile!

Sheryl Eldridge
Jun 11, 2017

So happy to have made your day, Sheryl! And love the story of how you used to paint with acrylics, too. That part about daydreaming to paint again is so cool – I love being able to encourage, inspire people – definitely one of the reasons I’m here…. (It wouldn’t take that much time, really :) )

I will be looking forward to seeing any of your work you post, old or new!


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